This is Me

Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Linda and among many things, I am a gardener. Now of course there are many kinds of gardeners that have much information in their collective consciousness…and then there is me.

I have been gardening since I asked for my first package of seeds at about age 11. My Mother reminded me that the small curbside area around the gravel parking lot that was our yard, belonged to the neighbours and that I would need their permission to dig up the grass. Fortunately they said yes and away I went with my little seeds, string and sticks to mark where the garden began. Looking back, I seem to recall my first flowers were marigolds, but that was several lifetimes ago.

Really I am not from another century, but after high school and many moves later, the gardening bug had seemingly vanished. Of course once my working career began and marriage and children became my reality, the small yard  of my semi-detached house, was  all the space needed for my next garden to bloom.

As my two sons helped me in their own way, we grew tomatoes , beets and carrots between the marigolds, zinnias and a few other flowers. Not to be outdone, the houseplants too soaked up the sun from every window ledge in the house. Despite working out of the home, and parenting two boys, their father and I still tried to keep the green alive and teach our sons about plants and gardens.

As the boys grew in to and beyond high school, divorce and moving , I kept busy , weeding, trimming and trying to remember plant names, going to Horticulture society meeting, and even working part time in a local grocery store Garden Centre.  Of course I paint, carve, write and all manner of things so  I am definitely am not a Master Gardener!

But as I approach retirement  working in an environment that  fails to recognise my area of expertise and years of work experience…a state of depression was setting in. This gloom was like a fog rolling in, or the cloud of dust following one of the characters in the Charlie Brown comic strip.

Did I want to enter the time of my life I worked so hard to reach, only to fritter it away on tv night and day or was I going to get up and out? One day as I weeded in the cottage garden I had begun to really love, when I noticed how many butterflies held on to a flowers despite the strong winds that caused the bloom to sway. Local birds flew in to the wind too, despite all resistance and I felt inspired to break out of my mould.

One never knows if we are in a cocoon awaiting our new divine form, or tied in a knot we can’t escape from, but I decided to share my thoughts on gardens and all things inspirational. Whether you paint flowers, grow them, move them or simply love those from a florist sitting in a vase, this blog is for you.

Please enjoy, learn as I do, ask questions no matter how silly they may seem and suggest any topic you would like me to research. Inspiration is different for us all, but is something we all need to remind us that we are part of life’s cycle and share our breath and energy with every living thing.


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