New Year Dreams

As the colder weather arrives and we begin to notice the slowing down of life, gardening becomes even more important. While Christmas trees and lights may seem the only bright points in what often becomes a dreary time of year, there are so many exciting things to dream of!

Certainly for those that celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and many other cultural and religious events, this time of year has a special light of it’s own despite the shorter days and darkness that lingers. Many of us get a real tree to decorate and fill the outside arrangements with evergreen boughs and brightly coloured decorations.

Poinsettia that once were merely red ,now have new varieties it seems almost every year. This year I have a deep read traditional plant as well as a pink and even a multi toned red to almost white colour variations. Gold foil covers the plain green pot that holds them and glistens on trees and wrapping of gifts.

Nature gives us the gift of the evergreens around us, in stark contrast to the barren deciduous trees, while tall stalks of hibernating perennials bob in the wind. These slender canes often hold berries that provide food for small birds and mice.Not to be forgotten are the variety of bird feeders and seed that help our feathered friends through the cold season and then in turn the joy watching them brings!

From the gardening gifts that many will receive, and the planting that  we dream about, our thought s will be occupied despite any snowstorms outside. Then of course there are many houseplants that have been neglected over the summer and with seasonal celebrations, just longing for attention.

With the arrival of New Years 2013, I too will be tending to plants and getting more peace and quiet. When even the houseplants are dormant, I find myself gearing up to spring long before it is even a thought in most peoples minds. Of course if you too belong to a Horticultural society or garden club by another name, then you will also be braving cold weather to hear a quest speaker talk of warmer days ahead and to see slides of blooms to come.

May 2013 bring you all brighter days,  beautiful blooms and gardens galore…from my little world to yours here and across the world we share…may peace fill your heart and may inspiration move you!

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